Demography still dictates destiny for children with disabilities

The Lancet: Volume 386, No. 9993, p503, 8 August 2015

About one in 50 people in England have a learning disability, a significant general impairment in intellectual functioning acquired during childhood. People with learning disabilities have worse health and increased age-adjusted mortality than their peers. The Learning Disabilities Public Health Observatory (Improving Health and Lives), part of Public Health England, collates current research and new analyses from the UK’s Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) in their report The determinants of health inequities experienced by children with learning disabilities. Focusing not on those health differences that are to some extent unavoidable (eg, congenital abnormalities associated with syndromes such as Down’s and Prader-Willi) nor factors that affect adults with learning disabilities (such as transition between children’s and adults’ care, or limited opportunities within the workforce), the report finds that children with learning disabilities are at increased risk of exposure to all major categories of social determinants that adversely affect health.

Read the full article via Demography still dictates destiny for children with disabilities – The Lancet.

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