Achieving better outcomes for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions

Valori, R. NHS England Blog. Published online: 20 October 2016


In this blog, Roland Valori takes a closer look at some of the attempts to reduce variation in clinical outcomes and improve productivity of services for musculoskeletal conditions and diseases. These include using techniques such as ‘Audit and Feedback’, demonstration projects, whole service redesign and a variety of other quality improvement initiatives at local and national level.

The impact of these approaches varies and even when change is achieved, it is often difficult to sustain. Accreditation will help achieve a more sustained approach to improvement in quality. It supports and enhances these varied approaches providing a quality mark for patients and commissioners.

Some accreditation schemes such as the endoscopy and audiology schemes are linked to commissioning. The CQC is using information from accreditation schemes to inform its inspections and has indicated it would like to see more widespread accreditation of clinical services.

The development of schemes thus far has been unplanned. As a result there is considerable variation in approach that leads to unwarranted burden on scheme providers, provider organisations and clinical teams.

Read the full blog post here

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