Nursing workforce is heading for a ‘perfect storm’

The RCN has published research today which indicates that the nursing workforce is heading for a ‘perfect storm’ | RCN


Data analysed by the RCN for its Labour Market Review and evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body reveals that half of nurses are aged 45 or over and within 10 years of being eligible for early retirement.

Ten years ago just a third of the nursing workforce in England was aged 45 or over. This means the health service will be more reliant than ever on finding new staff. The research also highlights an unprecedented number of risk factors which will affect the future supply of safe staffing levels.

These include the ageing workforce, rising demand, uncoordinated workforce planning, changes to student nurse funding, real terms cuts to nurse pay and the impact of Brexit on international recruitment.

To alleviate the retention crisis, the RCN is calling on the Government to scrap the 1% pay cap for NHS staff, warning that unless nurses’ pay reflects the increase in cost of living, trusts will struggle to attract enough staff to provide safe patient care.

Read the full release here

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