Breast screening: More women are making the choice to take part

The latest figures show coverage at 75.5 per cent – up slightly from 75.4 per cent the year before | Public Health Matters Blog


It’s great to see that for the first time in five years there’s been an increase in the number of eligible women taking up the offer to be screened for breast cancer, with levels remaining above the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes’ minimum standard of 70%.

Breast screening aims to reduce deaths from breast cancer by finding and treating cancers that are too small to be felt. The aim is to treat them early when there is a greater chance of a cure.

Deciding whether to have screening is a choice and it is important that women are sufficiently informed to decide for themselves. This is because there are risks as well as benefits, and over the last few years it’s been hard to miss the ongoing debate about the pros and cons.

On the one hand, breast screening has been shown to saves lives by detecting the disease earlier, but it can also detect small slow growing cancers that don’t need treating – the so-called ‘over diagnosed’ cancers.

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