Cayenne pepper in a meal: Effects on wellbeing, satiety & energy levels

The present study investigated appetite sensations, hedonics, sensory specific desires, physical- and psychological well-being sensations during and after intake of a meal with- and without increased oral heat induced by addition of cayenne pepper | Food Quality and Preference



  • Adding cayenne pepper to a soup meal increased satiation by the end of the meal.
  • Adding cayenne pepper decreased hunger and increased satiety 1 h post intake.
  • Adding cayenne pepper lowered desire for salt and increased desire for sweet and fat.
  • Participants felt more energetic 1 h post intake of a meal added cayenne pepper.

Full reference: Andersen, B.V. et al (2017) Cayenne pepper in a meal: Effect of oral heat on feelings of appetite, sensory specific desires and well-being. Food Quality and Preference. Vol. 60 (September ) pp. 1-8

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