7 in 10 millennials will be obese in middle age by 2028 predicts Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research (CRUK) warns of the obesity risk for millennials using data  on current obesity trends to predict the incidence of obesity looking at the nation’s weight in ten years’ time. The data CRUK extrapolated indicates that seventy per cent of millennials those born between 1980s and the middle of the 1990s are likely to be obese by middle age. 

Video from Cancer Research: cancerresearchuk.org

This is in comparison to approximately half of those born between 1945 and 1955, “the baby boomers” who were overweight or obese in their thirties and forties. CRUK has launched a campaign to increase awareness across the UK that obesity  is a cause of cancer.  CRUK’s director of prevention, Alison Cox said:

“being overweight is the UK’s biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking, but most people don’t know about this substantial risk. If more people become aware of the link it may spare not just millennials,  but all generations from cancer.”

Although being overweight or obese as an adult is linked to 13 different types of cancer including breast, bowel and kidney cancer, only 15% of people in the UK are aware of the link.  To raise awareness CRUK  handed out fake cigarette packets to shoppers in Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire posing the question: What is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer? To their surprise when shoppers opened the packets they discovered they were filled with chips, and the answer to the question was obesity.

In the media:

The Independent: Millennials will be most overweight generation since records began, cancer experts warn

BBC News: Millennials ‘will be the fattest generation on record’

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