Under pressure: Safely managing increased demand in emergency departments

Winter 2017/18 saw an unprecedented demand for health and care support services. Emergency departments bore the brunt of this demand. This report features practical solutions from staff and calls for wider action for health and social care services to work together | Care Quality Commission

cqc pressure
Image source: http://www.cqc.org.uk

This report aims to contribute to the discussion about how those working in health and social care can come together in a more systemised way to encourage early and effective planning for not only winter pressures but for all periods of peak demand.
The report suggests that there is a need to develop a shared understanding of what an effective escalation strategy looks like – and longer-term, how health and care providers and commissioners collaborate to meet the needs of their local populations, with a stronger focus on keeping people well and helping them stay out of hospital.

The report concludes that the ongoing trend of increasing demand on health and social care services is not abating and it is clear that action is needed now to address the pressures on emergency departments, and in turn keep patients safe. Whilst the report recognises that there are no simple solutions to this problem, it identifies examples of good practice and potential immediate steps to take to manage these issues.

Full report: Under pressure. Safely managing increased demand in emergency departments

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