Caring, supportive, collaborative? Doctors’ views on working in the NHS

Following the launch of its all member survey in the spring 2018, the BMA has published a report highlighting how the views expressed by doctors will contribute to developing a positive vision for what a caring, supportive, and collaborative health and care system should look like.

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In May and June 2018, doctors across the UK were invited to share their views on a range of issues affecting their working lives and focusing on three themes: culture, structure and workforce.  Just under 8,000 members completed this comprehensive survey. This report sets out the responses received, which together provide a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities facing doctors in the NHS today.

The results reveal that many doctors feel they are working in a non- supportive environment, where patient safety can at times be jeopardised and learning and reflection discouraged. They also demonstrate the dire consequences of insufficient funding, medical personal, support staff, beds and equipment on the doctors working conditions and patient treatments. The results also point out the damaging impact of poor lines of communication and IT support on the efforts to encourage greater innovation and collaboration in our health services.

More detail: BMA press release:  Launch of new project calls for solutions to NHS challenges amid fears of unsafe care and blame culture

Full report: Caring, supportive, collaborative?  Doctors’ views on working in the NHS

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