Are we failing people with learning disabilities? A fair, supportive society: summary report

University College London | November 2018 |Are we failing people with learning disabilities?

A new report published by UCL’s Institute of Health Equity (IHE) highlights that  40 per cent of children with a learning disability remain undiagnosed and that adults with learning disabilities will die 15-20 years earlier (on average) than the general population which is 1,200 premature deaths each year.


Responding to the findings Sir Michael Marmot , director of IHE said:

“This is a direct result of a political choice that destines this vulnerable group to experience some of the worst of what society has to offer: low incomes, no work, poor housing, social isolation and loneliness, bullying and abuse.

“A staggering 40% of people with learning difficulties aren’t even diagnosed in childhood. This is an avoidable sign of a society failing to be fair and supportive to its most vulnerable members. We need to change this. The time to act is now.”

The IHE makes a number of actions and 11 recommendations to improve life expectancy for people with disabilities.  (Source: UCL)

Read the IHE paper 

Easy read version 
In the media:

Guardian Two in five people with learning disabilities not diagnosed in childhood

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