Children of the millennium

Children of the millennium: understanding the course of conduct problems during childhood | The Centre for Health Economics | University College London Institute of Education  

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This report presents an analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study which follows the lives of children born in 2000 and 2001.  The report finds that one child in every twelve in the UK has behavioural problems from a young age into their teenage years and calls for the government, NHS, schools and local authorities to do more to support children with persistent behavioural problems.

Children with persistent problems are much more likely to have a multitude of risks early in life, including poverty and housing insecurity, parental mental illness and developmental delay.


The report calls for:

  • Government to seek to reduce child poverty and housing insecurity
  • The NHS to continue to boost mental health support to new parents
  • Local authorities to get the funding they need to boost early years services such as Sure Start and to offer evidence-based parenting programmes to families with the greatest needs.

Full document: Children of the millenium: Understanding the course of conduct problems during childhood | Centre for Mental Health

Additional link: Centre for Mental Health press release

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