Carers’ breaks: guidance for commissioners and providers

Social Care Institute for Excellence | June 2019 | Carers’ breaks: guidance for commissioners and providers

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has released Carers’ breaks: guidance for commissioners and providers, which is designed to provide guidance for commissioners, providers and others involved in the planning, shaping and delivery of support for adult carers, primarily in England.
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Among the report’s key messages are:

  • Almost half (46%) of carers have not had a break in the last five years
  • Breaks are essential – they make a real difference enabling carers to continue caring and to maintain their own health and wellbeing. They support positive relationships.  Good breaks, as part of a range of support, help prevent ill-health, stress, isolation, crisis and breakdown.
  • Good commissioning will seek to understand diversity of needs, ensure co-production and facilitate partnerships with stakeholders and providers to develop a positive local breaks offer.
  • Carers need a genuine choice of breaks. Market shaping by commissioners and good business planning by providers – including diversifying services – can help deliver this choice. Flexible funding can help local groups and social enterprises to deliver tailored, innovative solutions and improve equality of access to breaks.

Read the publication online from SCIE 

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