NHS spends around £3bn a year on ‘avoidable’ treatment for diabetes

ITV | September 2019 | NHS spends around £3bn a year on ‘avoidable’ treatment for diabetes

An analysis of hospital treatment in 2017/18 highlights that approximately £5.5bn each year is spent on treatment of diabetes, of this an estimated £3bn is on ‘potentially avoidable’ treatment. The authors of the research explain that this equates to around one-tenth of the NHS budget; compared to people without diabetes, the average annual cost of planned care was over twice as high for those with Type 2 diabetes and the average cost of emergency care was three times higher, once age was taken into account.


Study author, Dr Adrian Heald from Salford Royal Hospital, said: “People with diabetes are admitted to hospital more often, especially as emergencies, and stay on average longer as inpatients.

“These increased hospital costs, 40% of which come from non-elective and emergency care, are three times higher than the current costs of diabetes medication.

“Improved management of diabetes by GPs and diabetes specialist care teams could improve the health of people with diabetes and substantially reduce the level of hospital care and costs.” (Source: ITV News)

The team’s finding will be presented this week at the European Association for the study of Diabetes (EASD)  annual meeting in Barcelona.

Read the full story from ITV News

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