Monitor and Trust Development Authority to move to single leadership

The Secretary of State has announced the move to a single leader of Monitor and the Trust Development Authority (TDA), the organisations who are together responsible for providing increased support to hospitals to continue to improve care and boost efficiency.  This change will mean that all NHS providers, whether they are foundation trusts or trusts, are under the oversight of one chief executive, overseeing teams working closely together.

Care experiences during a mental health crisis

The Care Quality Commission has published Right here, right now: people’s experiences of help, care and support during a mental health crisis.  This report reviews quality, safety and effectiveness of care provided to those experiencing a mental health crisis.  It aims to understand whether people were offered the right care, at the right time, and if they were given the information they need, as well as what they felt about the attitudes of those providing help, care and support.  The findings show that there are clear variations in the help, care and support available to people in crisis and that a person’s experience depends not only on where they live, but what part of the system they come into contact with.

Additional link: CQC press release

Productivity in NHS hospitals

The Department of Health has published Review of operational productivity in NHS providers. This interim report outlines work carried out by Lord Carter of Coles to review the productivity of NHS hospitals, working with a group of 22 NHS providers. The report provides interim recommendations and next steps.  A full report will be published in autumn 2015.

Additional links: DH press release   BBC News report

NHS staff wellbeing

The Picker Institute Europe has published Understanding staff wellbeing, its impact on patient experience and healthcare quality. This briefing sets out to understand the pressures currently affecting the NHS workforce and the impact that they in turn may have on the wellbeing both of individual staff and the health service as a whole. These include implications for patient care and experience and some consideration of the implications for improvement.

Treatment of chronic Hepatitis C in patients with cirrhosis

NHS England has published Clinical Commissioning Policy Statement: treatment of chronic Hepatitis C in patients with cirrhosis.  There are a range of new oral treatments becoming available for Hepatitis C and so this policy statement sets out the hepatitis treatments that will be routinely commissioned by NHS England for the treatment of chronic hepatitis in patients with cirrhosis. It also sets out how access to treatments will be organised with the setting up of Operational Delivery Networks from August 2015 and arrangements in the interim.

National screening programme recommendations

The UK National Screening Committee has published the minutes from its latest meeting setting out its recommendations for national screening programmes.  The committee upheld its recommendation against screening adults in the UK for bladder cancer and also made recommendations against introducing national screening programmes for depression in adults and screening newborn babies for amino acid metabolism disorders, fatty-acid oxidation disorders and galactosaemia.

Poverty in the UK

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published three reports exploring poverty:

Smoking Still Kills

ASH has published Smoking still kills: protecting children reducing inequalities. As the five-year strategy set out in the Government’s Tobacco Control Plan for England comes to an end in 2015, this report proposes new targets for a renewed national strategy to accelerate the decline in smoking prevalence over the next decade. A key recommendation of the report is for the Government to impose an annual levy on tobacco companies and for the money raised to be used to pay for measures such as mass media campaigns and stop smoking services.

Additional links: RCM press release   Royal College of Physicians press release

Your ageing workforce – An infographic from the Working Longer Group

This engaging and informative infographic from the Working Longer Group highlights important and surprising facts about the ageing workforce, and what employers can do to support this increasing sector of the NHS workforce.

Use the infographic to start a conversation about what your organisation is already doing and what steps you can take to focus on this key workforce supply issue going forward.

For further information on the infographic and how it can be used, or on working longer more generally contact a member of the Working Longer team

Find out more about the Working Longer Group, including tools and resources, by visiting the Working Longer Group web pages.