State of Child Health

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has published State of Child Health: one year on.  These scorecards describe progress against recommendations made a year ago in the RCPCH’s State of Child Health report.  The England scorecard reveals progress in some areas but no improvement in several fundamental areas. In particular, public health spending cuts are disproportionately affecting children’s services.

Reimagining community services

The King’s Fund has published Reimagining community services: making the most of our assets.  This report looks at the current state of community services and explores how the health and care system needs to change to enable these services to meet the needs of the population now and in the future.  It proposes ten design principles that should inform the future planning and provision of care.

Ambulance and A&E arrivals

The NHS Confederation has produced their first briefing using weekly sitrep data from NHS England relating to ambulance and A&E performance.  Winter statistics: ambulance and A&E indicates that the number of people arriving at A&E departments by ambulance remained steady throughout the period 20 November 2017 to 14 January 2018, with the exception of a spike in activity on 1 and 2 January 2018.  The delays of both 30 to 60 minutes and over 60 minutes fluctuated considerably over this period

Pressure ulcers

The Department of Health and Social Care has published Safeguarding adults protocol: pressure ulcers and the interface with a safeguarding enquiry.  This guidance helps practitioners and managers across health and care organisations to provide caring and quick responses to people at risk of developing pressure ulcers.  It also offers a process for the clinical management of harm removal and reduction where ulcers occur, considering if an adult safeguarding response is necessary.

Storing NHS and social care data

NHS Digital, Department of Health & Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement have published NHS and social care data: off-shoring and the use of public cloud services.  This guidance explains the safeguards that must be put in place so health and social care organisations can safely locate health and social care data, including confidential patient information in the public cloud including solutions that make use of data off-shoring.

Additional link: NHS Digital press release

Sustainability and transformation in the NHS

Sustainability and transformation in the NHS |  The National Audit Office

This report examines the progress the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement have made towards achieving financial balance.  It provides a summary of the financial position of NHS England, CCGs and trusts. It also looks at what the Department, NHS England and NHS Improvement have done to support local NHS bodies to improve their financial positions; and examines the support the national bodies have given local NHS bodies to help them work better in partnership.

Full document: Sustainability and transformation in the NHS