NHSX tech plan for health and care

NHS Providers | March 2020 | NHSX tech plan for health and care on the day briefing

NHSX has published its tech plan for health and care, setting out its vision for how technology will support the ambitions of the long term plan. 


 The tech plan builds on the principles set out in the secretary of state’s statement on the future of health care, published in 2018 as well as the NHSX mission statement published last year. The aim of the tech plan is to describe how the deliverables in the long term plan will be achieved through digitisation. The long term plan committed every NHS provider to have achieved a core level of digitisation by 2024.

The tech plan defines this level of digitisation as:
• Decent hardware (e.g. replacement of old laptops)
• Adequate networks (powered by full fibre and 5G)
• Integrated systems that allow flexibility in managing clinical and operational workflows

The briefing is available from NHS Providers

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Coronavirus action plan

What the health and social care system across the UK has done to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and what it plans to do next.

This document sets out what the UK as a whole has done – and plans to do – to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, based on experience dealing with other infectious diseases and influenza pandemic preparedness work.  The exact response to COVID-19 will be tailored to the nature, scale and location of the threat in the UK, as understanding of it develops.

The document sets out:

  • what we know about the virus and the disease it causes
  • how we have planned for an infectious disease outbreak such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
  • the actions taken so far in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
  • what we are planning to do next, depending on the course the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak takes
  • the role the public can play in supporting this response, now and in the future

Full detail: Coronavirus action plan |  The Department of Health and Social Care