NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20

NHS England | January 2019 | NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20

This is the full guidance, building on the first part published in December 2018. It accompanies five-year indicative CCG allocations and sets out the trust financial regime for 2019/20, alongside the service deliverables including those arising from year one of the Long Term Plan. CCGs and trusts should take action from April 2019 to begin implementing the measures set out in the LTP (Source: NHS England).

NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2019/20

A review of the role and costs of clinical commissioning groups

A review of the role and costs of clinical commissioning groups | National Audit Office

This review sets out:

  • changes to the commissioning landscape before CCGs were established
  • the role, running costs and performance of CCGs
  • the changing commissioning landscape and the future role of CCGs

The report identifies the importance of creating stable and effective organisations during the current restructuring of CCGs and that NHS commissioning needs a prolonged period of organisational stability to allow organisations to focus on transforming and integrating health and care services rather than on reorganising themselves.

Home care in England: views from commissioners and providers

The King’s Fund | December 2018 | Home care in England: views from commissioners and providers

In the period between 2016 and 2018, The King’s Fund carried out three pieces of research exploring:

  1. the factors driving commissioning adult social care; the mechanisms of purchasing and delivery of home care;
  2. alternatives to traditional models of delivering care at home.

This research forms the basis of a new report: Home care in England: views from commissioners and providers, unites the findings of those research projects, which record the stated opinions of commissioners, providers and other stakeholders.



Key points:

  • Recruitment and retention of home care staff remains a fundamental challenge for providers, but the extent of the challenge varies greatly depending on geographical location
  • Most councils commissioning home care attempted to drive down the fees they pay. Commissioners and providers disagreed about whether quality of home care had declined  in recent years and, if it had, the role of fees in that process.
  • Home care continues to be commissioned on a ‘time and task’ basis rather than with a view to health  and care outcomes. Nor is there much evidence that health and care providers are joining up commissioning of home care.
  • Alternative approaches to home care provision  have yet to demonstrate they can be scaled up effectively, while approaches using new technology have not yet had time to be properly evaluated. (Source: The King’s Fund)

Download summary (PDF)

Download report (PDF)

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The King’s Fund [press release]  Relentless staff shortage leaves home care sector struggling

The three pieces of research mentioned are:

 Adult social care: local authority commissioning behaviours

Understanding domiciliary care in England

New models of home care

All three are available from The King’s Fund 

Improving Access for All

NHS England | July 2018 | Improving Access for All

NHS England have released a short animation that underlines inequalities of access to to GP general practice services. The film provides  advice to CCGs on how to address the issue.

The film is based on research findings from academics at the University of East Anglia, which originally gave rise to a toolkit for commissioners.



University of East Anglia Access to GP research 

NHS England Toolkit for Commissioners 

Integrated care: impact on commissioning

Integrated care: what does it mean for commissioning?  | The Nuffield Trust 

This article looks at the risks and opportunities for commissioning as integrated care develops and evolves. Topics discussed include:

  • What are ACSs and ACOs?

  • NHS commissioning to date

  • The limited effectiveness of the market

  • Commissioning in integrated care systems

Additional link: Commissioning: the times are a changing