Healthy places: the link between your health and where you live [podcast]

The King’s Fund | September 2018 | Healthy places: the link between your health and where you live

The latest podcast from The King’s Fund considers the link between your health and where you live. It questionsHow do we make places healthier? Helen McKenna talks with Kate Ardern, Director of Public Health at Wigan Council, André Pinto, Public Health Manager from Public Health England and Chris Naylor, Senior Fellow from The King’s Fund.


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Learning by doing: integrating health and care in Scotland

The King’s Fund | August 2018| The King’s Fund | Learning by doing: integrating health and care in Scotland

A new blog post on The King’s Fund summarises the experiences of integration authorities who are leading the integrated agenda in the 32 local authority areas of Scotland. The blog makes comparisons between Scotland and England, offering some reflections between the health and care systems. 

The full post is at The King’s Fund 


Pioneering home alteration project between NHS and Council helps get people home from hospital sooner

NHS England | August 2018 | Pioneering home alteration project between NHS and Council helps get people home from hospital sooner

A new case study from NHS England showcases Mansfield District Council’s ASSIST scheme, whereby means homes are made safe and accessible for a patient’s return from hospital – this could include fitting a ramp, grab rails and key safes, making sure their heating works, or moving furniture to make space for a hospital bed (Source: NHS England).handrail-2489493_1920.jpg
The full case study is available to read at NHS England 

Key questions for the future of STPs and ICSs

NHS Providers | August 2018 | Key questions for the future of STPs and ICSs

NHS Providers have released the second in a  series of briefings on sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), this briefing follows a publication in February this year which set out the history of system working.  This latest  briefing summarises recent developments relevant to system working, sets out the state of play for STPs and integrated care systems (ICSs) and seeks to offer answers to a number of questions arising from the national policy focus on collaboration and integration.


The briefing includes:

Key points

The context for collaboration

The state of play for STPs and ICSs

What works?

Questions and (tentative) answers



Delivering integrated care: the role of the multidisciplinary team

SCIE |July 2018 | Delivering integrated care: the role of the multidisciplinary team

A new report from SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) looks at the role the of multidisciplinary team in delivering integrated care. 


Key messages

  • Multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) have been shown to be an effective tool to facilitate collaboration between professionals and hence improve care outcomes.
  • Successful working requires at minimum an identified manager or coordinator, regular joint meetings and the effective sharing of electronic records.
  • Teams do not necessarily have to be located in the same premises to work successfully.
  • Multidisciplinary working can be approached in more than one way as the case studies in this briefing demonstrate.
  • The success of the MDT approach is not guaranteed: without strong organisation the impact may be negative rather than positive.
  • Ongoing integrated care developments should provide further evidence to enable us to understand how MDTs should be used in the future.

    Full details are available from SCIE 

The report can be read at the SCIE website 

Case study of ‘Red Bag’ scheme

NHS England | July 2018 | How a simple red bag improved care for care home resident Patricia

NHS England have written a new case study on the ‘Red Bag initiative. The case study looks at how the scheme can benefit care home residents.  When a resident becomes unwell and is assessed as needing hospital care, care home staff pack a dedicated red bag that includes the resident’s standardised paperwork and their medication, as well as day-of-discharge clothes and other personal items.


NHS England Red Bag scheme 

NHS England and Department of Health and Social Care Quick Guide: Hospital Transfer Pathway – ‘Red Bag’

The health and social care interface

The health and social care interface | National Audit Office

There is widespread consensus among health and social care professionals, the NHS and policy-makers in government that the changing needs of the population require changes to the way health and social care services are organised and delivered.

This ‘think piece’ highlights the barriers that prevent health and social care services working together effectively, examples of joint working in a ‘whole system’ sense and the move towards services centred on the needs of the individual. The report aims to inform the ongoing debate about the future of health and social care in England. It anticipates the upcoming green paper on the future funding of adult social care, and the planned 2019 Spending Review, which will set out the funding needs of both local government and the NHS.

The report presents and discusses 16 challenges to improved joint working. It also highlights some of the work being carried out nationally and locally to overcome these challenges and the progress that has been made.

Report – The health and social care interface

Press release – The health and social care interface