What is happening to life expectancy in the UK?

The King’s Fund | August 2018 | What is happening to life expectancy in the UK?

In the latest piece on The King’s Fund blog, Veena Raleigh looks at how overall life expectancy has changed over time, along with considerations such as the difference in life expectancy between males and females, geographical inequalities, how the UK compares with other countries, and possible factors in the more recent slowdown in mortality improvements in the UK. life-stage-icon-2889015_1280.png


Read the full blog post at The King’s Fund 

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BMJ  Sixty seconds on . . . life expectancy (OpenAthens login required)

The Montefiore Health System in New York: a case study

The King’s Fund | July 2018 | The Montefiore Health System in New York: a case study

The King’s Fund have published a report on New York’s Montefiore health system- a ‘safety net’ health system in the heart of the Bronx, has found ways of helping even the most deprived, while contributing to the recovery of a struggling community. It has done so, in large part, by stepping beyond the bounds of conventional health services.

The case study draws on interviews conducted with 25 of stakeholders involved in the Montefiore health system. This commissioned report builds on the earlier publication that the King’s Fund published earlier this year, it explores primary and community care, managing patients with complex needs, supporting infrastructure, and elements of a high-performing system (Source: The King’s Fund).


The full report is available to view at The King’s Fund

King’s Fund podcast: The NHS at 70: blow out the candles and make a wish

The King’s Fund | July 2018 | The NHS at 70: blow out the candles and make a wish

The latest podcast is available from The King’s Fund , this month’s edition considers as the NHS turns 70, what state is it in? What will it look like in another 70 years?


The podcast is available from The King’s Fund 

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Leadership in today’s NHS: delivering the impossible

The King’s Fund & NHS Providers | July 2018 | Leadership in today’s NHS: delivering the impossible

The King’s Fund & NHS Providers report the findings from their  survey of NHS trusts and foundation trusts conducted in 2017 by NHS Providers, the survey used qualitative interviews and a roundtable event with frontline leaders and national stakeholders.

Image source: kingsfund.org.uk

Among the findings from the survey:

  • Leadership vacancies are widespread, with director of operations, finance and strategy roles having particularly high vacancy rates and short tenures
  • A culture of blaming individuals for failure is making leadership roles less attractive. Organisations with the most significant performance challenges experience higher levels of leadership churn. National bodies need to do more to support leaders to take on and stay in these roles.
  • To tackle high leadership churn, national programmes should target professional roles  where concerns over the pipeline of future leaders is greatest. Regional talent
    management functions – largely absent since the abolition of strategic health authorities – should be rebuilt in the new joint NHS England and NHS Improvement regional teams (Source: The King’s Fund & NHS Providers).

The news release from The King’s Fund  can be viewed here

The summary is available here 

The report can be read at The King’s Fund 

How should the extra NHS funding be spent?

The King’s Fund | July 2018 | How should the extra NHS funding be spent?

The King’s Fund  has published a long read on its blog, discussing how the extra  NHS funding should be spent.


It explores the question- in relation to a number of topics

  • learning from the past
  • context
  • improving productivity
  • priorities
  • population health
  • a new deal
  • social care
  • future workforce
  • how to make it happen

What will new technology mean for the NHS and its patients? 

What will new technology mean for the NHS and its patients? | The Health Foundation |  Institute for Fiscal Studies |  The King’s Fund | The Nuffield Trust


This final briefing in the series marking 70 years of the NHS looks at the uptake and potential of the following trends in technology: genomics and precision medicine; remote care; technology supported self-management such as apps and wearables; and data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Key findings:

  • Technological advances offer significant opportunities to improve health care but
    are not a silver bullet for the pressures facing the NHS. While there are really exciting developments in areas like genomics and precision medicine, we are a long way from being able to realise their full potential.
  • Technology has the potential to deliver significant savings for the NHS but the service does not have a strong track record in implementing it at scale and needs to get better at assessing the benefits, feasibility and challenges of implementing new technology.
  • Patients are embracing new technology and increasingly expect their care to be
    supported by it. For example, the majority of people say they would use video
    consultations to consult their GP about minor ailments and ongoing conditions.
  • New technology could fundamentally change the way that NHS staff work – in
    some cases requiring entirely new roles to be created. The impact of these changes should not be underestimated.
  • People generally have relatively little knowledge about how the NHS and
    commercial organisations use data for health research, which may be responsible
    for mistrust in some cases. Transparent public dialogue is needed about how data
    is currently used; what the opportunities are for the future; and how risks can be
    mitigated. While it is vital to balance the benefits of sharing data with concerns
    about security and confidentiality, these concerns should not be used as a barrier
    to progress.

Full report: What will new technology mean for the NHS and its patients?

Additional link: Nuffield Trust press release

Second’s out, round two: Is the government’s latest childhood obesity plan a knockout?

The King’s Fund | June 2018 | Second’s out, round two: Is the government’s latest childhood obesity plan a knockout?

A new blog post on The King’s Fund website reviews the Government’s Obesity plan, chapter 2.  It questions whether it is any better than the first. It uses the Health and Social Care Committee’s refreshed recommendations to assess it.  The blog post includes a table that shows how the updated plan measures up against the Committee’s key asks (Source: The King’s Fund)

 The post can be read in full here 

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