Funding and staffing of NHS mental health providers

The King’s Fund has published Funding and staffing of NHS mental health providers: still waiting for parity.  This report indicates the spending gap between NHS acute hospitals and NHS mental health providers is widening.  It includes an analysis of the annual financial accounts of NHS mental health, acute and specialist provider trusts; an analysis of the national workforce data; a review of CQC inspection reports for the 54 mental health trusts; and review of board papers of eight mental health trusts.


The Mental health of young women and girls

The Mental health of young women and girls: how to prevent a growing crisis | Mental Health Foundation

This policy paper from the Mental Health Foundation reports that the mental health of young women and girls is deteriorating, with the gap between men and women widening  over recent years.  The evidence section in this paper shows that the last 15 years have seen an unprecedented rise in reported mental health problems amongst young women and girls, with their needs reaching crisis levels.

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The paper makes a series of recommendations including:

  • identify pressure points and social determinants of mental health and wellbeing in young women and girls, to support the development of tailored mental health guidance aimed at preventing mental health problems for those at highest risk
  • improve the understanding of how to prevent mental health problems in young women by decision makers.

Full document: While your back was turned: How mental health policymakers stopped paying attention to the specific needs of women and girls

Collaboration between organisations

The NHS Confederation mental health network has published Innovation in housing, care and support.  With homelessness increasing at an estimated cost to the public sector of £1 billion per year, as well as well-reported pressures on mental health services, there is an emerging consensus that collaborations between organisations to provide care and support in residential settings have the potential to improve patient outcomes. This briefing contains four case studies on innovative support and care services delivered through collaborations between housing and healthcare providers.

Discharge from mental health inpatient services

Mind has published Leaving hospital: briefing on discharge from mental health inpatient services (pdf). This briefing summarises results from a survey of peoples’ experiences of leaving mental health hospitals.  It also looks at NICE guidance and standards on discharge from hospital and includes examples of what can be done to improve discharge planning, often in partnership between statutory and voluntary services. Additional link: Mind press release