Our new plans for NHS volunteers

NHS England | September 2018 | Our new plans for NHS volunteers

A new scheme announced at the 2018 Health and Innovation Expo in Manchester by  the Director for Experience, Participation and Equalities – Dr Neil Churchill-explains how the health service needs to renew its commitment to volunteering.


“NHS England and NHS Improvement want to help more NHS Trusts achieve more with their volunteers. Today we have announced a new £2.3 million partnership with Helpforce, a community interest company, to help another ten NHS Trusts make and achieve ambitious new plans for volunteers.

They will be part of a national network to share learning, so that new volunteering roles, and latest practice in recruiting, rewarding and supporting volunteers, spreads across the NHS.

Volunteers are not a substitute for staff. But volunteers can do things staff cannot, spending all day, for example, with someone at the end of life or using their lived experience as a patient to help people learn to live and thrive with a painful condition.”

Read the full blog post at NHS England

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GP career support pack

BMA, Royal College of General Practitioners & NHS England | August 2018 |GP career support pack

A new document from BMA, Royal College of General Practitioners & NHS England- GP career support pack- sets out the various types of support available to general practitioner’s at all stages of their career, whether in their first five years, mid-career, nearing retirement or after taking a career break (Source: NHS England).


Image source: england.nhs.uk

The support pack is available from NHS England 

NHS70: spotlight on cancer

NHS England |August 2018 |NHS70: spotlight on cancer

More people are surviving cancer than ever before. As we continue to celebrate 70 years of the NHS, we shine the spotlight on some of the key milestones that improved cancer diagnosis, treatment and care over the decades, as well as looking to the future on NHS cancer care. 

NHS England will also explore some of the work of the National Cancer Programme, as the NHS implements an ambitious. They have produced a timeline of cancer care improvements in cancer prevention, treatment and care (Source: NHS England).

You can watch the video here:


The NHS has played a major role in advancing cancer treatment and care locally, nationally and globally. In this video, we acknowledge some of the key milestones that marked huge improvements in cancer prevention, treatment and care.


Full details are available from NHS England 

NHS action plan can prevent over 600 still births a year says NHS England

NHS England | July 2018 | NHS action plan can prevent over 600 still births a year says NHS England

An independent evaluation of nineteen NHS Trusts in England shows that stillbirths fell by a fifth at the maternity units where national guidance, known as the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle, had been implemented. The best practice guidance is now being introduced across the country and has the potential if these findings were replicated, to prevent an estimated 600 stillbirths.

The report from researchers at the University of Manchester describes the results of a comprehensive evaluation involving nineteen NHS Trusts in England that have been implementing the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle (SBLCB) since April 2015, which aims to reduce the incidence of stillbirth by implementing best practice in four aspects of maternity care. This report describes the degree of implementation, the clinical and service outcomes and the economic impact(s) following a maximum two year implementation period in these early adopter Trusts and crucially, whether implementation of SBLCB translates into fewer stillbirths.

Key successes

  • Increase in the detection of small babies – there was a 59 per cent increase detection attributed to better monitoring and scanning in pregnancy
  • Better awareness of a baby’s movement in pregnancy – with a high number of women attending hospital due to reduced movement.
  • Carbon monoxide testing for smoking in pregnancy was almost universal – Smoking is strongly associated with stillbirth. A 1 per cent increase in smoking rates increases the chances of stillbirth by 1.7 per cent. Alongside carbon monoxide monitoring there has been a decline in the number of women smoking, at time of booking.

University of Manchester Evaluation of the implementation of the Saving
Babies’ Lives Care Bundle in early adopter NHS Trusts in England 
NHS England news release NHS action plan can prevent over 600 still births a year says NHS England

Frequently Asked Questions on the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

NHS England | July 2018 | Frequently Asked Questions on the NHS Workforce Race
Equality Standard (WRES)

NHS England have released frequently asked questions (FAQs).  This document presents the frequently asked questions regarding the NHS Workforce Race Equality Analysis. It is intended to help support the understanding and use of the WRES.

Image source: england.nhs.uk

Further information on the work of the national WRES Implementation Team can be found at NHS England


GP practices across the country to become ‘veteran friendly’

NHS England | July 2018 | GP practices across the country to become ‘veteran friendly’


The Military Veteran Awareness Accreditation, backed by both NHS England and the Royal College of General Practitioners, is awarded to GP services who provide extra support for former military personnel who may encounter additional challenges when they return to civilian life.  GP services offering specific support for ex-military personnel can become accredited as ‘veteran friendly’. It is a national scheme initiative that enabled family doctors to provide better treatment for veterans, ensuring they get access to dedicated care where appropriate.

military-864397_1920To become accredited, GP practices need to:

  • have a lead for veterans’ issues within the surgery;
  • identify and flag veterans on their computer system;
  • undertake dedicated training and attend armed forces healthcare meetings;
  • increase understanding of the health needs of veterans amongst  both clinical and administrative staff.

Full details are available from NHS England 

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