Therapeutic interventions after abuse and neglect

Social Care Institute for Excellence & NICE| July 2018 | Therapeutic interventions after abuse and neglect: A quick guide for practitioners and managers supporting children, young people and families.

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) & NICE have produced a quick guide which provides an overview of evidence-based interventions that may be effective when working with children and young people who have experienced physical abuse, emotional abuse or neglect.


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It includes information about the types of therapy that are appropriate for different age groups and describes the aims of each therapy. The guide also covers the principles that children and young people identified as being most important for people who work with them following abuse and neglect.

Interactive resource 

The guide can be downloaded from the SCIE website 

NHS England strikes deal on new NICE recommended lung cancer immunotherapy drug

NHS England | June 2018 | NHS England strikes deal on new NICE recommended lung cancer immunotherapy drug

NHS England have announced it will make lung cancer drug pembrolizumab available for routine use on the NHS.   Trial results show pembrolizumab  extends life for certain adults with lung cancer for more than a year.



According to NHS England Pembrolizumab is the first drug to exceed the new budget impact threshold for new products costing more than £20 million a year. The drug, which is also called Keytruda, would have cost around £84,000 per patient at its full list price. NHS England and MSD have agreed a confidential arrangement for reimbursement which will enable NICE to recommend it be routinely available on the NHS (NHS England).


The full announcement is available at NHS England 

NICE consultations

Endometriosis Quality standard consultation 

The consultation is open until 16 March, the comments form can be downloaded from NICE

The briefing paper includes a brief description of the topic, a summary of each of the
suggested quality improvement areas and supporting information it can be accessed here 

Acute coronary syndromes:Draft scope consultation 

This guidance will partially update the following:

  • (CG94)
  • (CG172)
  • (CG167)
  • (CG130)

The consultation closes 19 March 2018, details and project documents from NICE

Unilateral MRI-guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy for treatment-resistant essential tremor: Interventional procedure consultation: 2

The consultation closes 22 March 2018

The consultation documents are available from NICE

Intranasal phototherapy for allergic rhinitis: Interventional procedure consultation

The consultation closes 22 March 2018

The consultation documents are available from NICE

Laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy for internal rectal prolapse

The consultation closes 22 March 2018

Interventional procedure consultation document  can be accessed here 

NICE Shared learning database

There are three new examples of good practice on NICE Shared Learning: workplace-1245776_1920

Planning medicines support

The Social Care Institute for Excellence in partnership with NICE has published Discussing and planning medicines support: a quick guide for home care managers providing medicines support. This guide will be helpful to managers of services where it has been agreed that medicines support will be included as part of the home care service. It covers: discussing medicines support; The 6 rights of medicines administration; planning and reviewing medicines support and medicines policy.

NICE approves breakthrough breast cancer drugs

NICE confirms that it will recommend that breakthrough cancer drugs palbociclib and ribociclib be provided on the NHS for women with advanced breast cancer| story via OnMedica

There are around 45,000 new diagnosis of breast cancer each year in England and it is estimated that around 8,000 of these people would be eligible for treatment with either palbociclib or ribociclib.


In draft guidance, NICE said breast cancer patients should have routine access to these two life extending drugs after a new deal with their manufacturing companies who agreed to lower the price and who gave more evidence for their effectiveness.

Palbociclib (Ibrance) from Pfizer and ribociclib (Kisqali) from Norvatis, are recommended for people with hormone receptor (HR) positive, HER2 negative locally advanced or secondary breast cancer.

NICE said that although there were some uncertainties on how long they extend the life expectancy of people with this type of breast cancer, these promising new drugs were found to stall the growth of cancer for an extra 10 months on average.