Public health grants to local authorities: 2020 to 2021

The public health allocations and monetary conditions for local authorities to improve health in local populations | Department of Health and Social Care

Local authorities are responsible for improving the health of their local population and reducing health inequalities. In the financial year ending 2021, local authorities will receive a £3.279 billion public health grant for their public health duties for all ages.

This local authority circular sets out the allocations and conditions for using the grant.

Full detail at Department of Health and Social Care

Physical activity – prevention and management of Long-Term Conditions

A professional resource for local authorities and healthcare professionals on physical activity for the prevention and management of long-term conditions | Public Health England

This edition of Health Matters focuses on the benefit of physical activity for the prevention and management of long-term conditions in adults.

One in 3 adults in England live with a long-term health condition and they are twice as likely to be amongst the least physically active. However, evidence shows that regular physical activity can help prevent or manage many common conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. It also helps keep symptoms under control, prevent additional conditions from developing, and reduce inequalities.

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Regular physical activity provides a range of physical and mental health, and social benefits, many of which are increasing issues for individuals, communities and society. These include:

  • reducing the risk of many long-term conditions
  • helping manage existing conditions
  • ensuring good musculoskeletal health
  • developing and maintaining physical and mental function and independence
  • supporting social inclusion
  • helping maintain a healthy weight
  • reducing inequalities for people with long-term conditions

Full detail at Public Health England

Public health reforms: an independent assessment

This report, commissioned by the Local Government Association, assesses the success of the 2013 reforms to public health in England, which were part of the Coalition government’s wider health reform programme | The Kings Fund

These reforms, which saw the responsibility for many aspects of public health move from the NHS to local government, involved transition of staff and services and required the formation of new relationships to ensure public health was embedded across local government services.

The report looks at the effects of the reforms in both the short and longer term and looks at the impact of the changes, which have brought opportunities for innovation and integration, as well as challenges, at a time when funding for public health has been cut. The author then takes a look into the future and the implications for public health in the context of the NHS long term plan, the government’s prevention consultation and the wider shift to population health systems.

Full report: The English local government public health reforms: an independent assessment | The Kings Fund

A health index for England: opportunities and challenges

The Health Foundation | October 2019| A health index for England: opportunities and challenges

A new long read from The Health Foundation explore the government’s proposal to make health a core measure of government success by creating a national health index for England.
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The long read considers:

  • Why develop a new national health measure?
  • What would a new health measure look like – and what are the potential problems?
  • What measures of health should we use?
  • How could government get the most out of a national health measure?

The Health Foundation 


Wider Determinants of Health

Public Health England’s Wider Determinants of Health tool has been updated, providing the latest data for key indicators of the ‘root causes’ of ill health.

This tool brings together available indicators at England and local authority levels on the wider determinants of health with links to further resources.

The Wider Determinants of Health tool is designed to:

  • draw attention to the broad range of individual, social and environmental factors which influence our health
  • provide the public health system with intelligence on the wider determinants of health, to help improve population health and reduce health inequalities

This update contains:

  • new data for 5 indicators already released in other Fingertips profiles
  • an update of 14 existing indicators to add new data

See also: PHE news release | PHE Blog

Hepatitis C in England and the UK

Public Health England | September 2019 | Hepatitis C in England and the UK

Public Health England (PHE) has released its latest PHE hepatitis C virus (HCV) reports and supporting documents, for England and the UK. The report estimates that around two-thirds of people living with hepatitis C may not realise they have the virus, with PHE urging those at risk to get tested. The latest releases are also  accompanied by slidesets and infographics.
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Hepatitis C in the UK 2019 slideset and


Hepatitis C in England 2019 slideset and




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PHE press release Tens of thousands unaware they have deadly hepatitis C infection

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