Violence against NHS staff: letter to the workforce

Department of Health and Social Care | February 2020 | Violence against NHS staff: letter to the workforce

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock has written a letter to all NHS staff about the problem of violence faced by those working for the NHS.

The letter can be read at NHS England 

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BMA: Supporting a healthy childhood

BMA | February 2020| Supporting a healthy childhood: the need for greater investment in services in England 

BMA has published its report Supporting a healthy childhood: the need for greater investment in services in England. The BMA’s analysis of recent data highlights insufficient investment in England across a range of services to support a healthy childhood, with funding for a number of different services being cut in recent years. This lack of resource is likely to have an adverse impact on child health in England.
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The report includes:

  • Analysis and findings of spending on children’s social care in 2019/20
  • Recommendations for a cross-government ‘healthy childhood strategy’
  • Recommendations to reverse budget cuts to children’s services in England

Supporting a healthy childhood (PDF)

Number of people with dementia in Europe set to almost double by 2050

Alzheimer Europe | February 2020 |Dementia in Europe Yearbooks 

A new report from Alzheimer Europe predicts that the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease-based on current trends- will increase twofold by 2050. The report emphasises that this is despite a reduction in the prevalence of dementia. 

The 2018 Alzheimer Europe Yearbook focuses on the current status and development of national dementia strategies in Europe, detailing the content of the existing strategies, thereby providing a comparison between countries. There are currently 21 countries and regions with a dementia strategy, 2 countries whose governments have formally committed to the development of a strategy, two neurodegenerative strategies published and further work underway in other countries (Source: Alzheimer Europe)

The full publication is available to purchase from Alzheimer Europe

In the news:

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NHS publishes latest NHS staff survey results

NHS England | February 2020 | NHS publishes latest NHS staff survey results

The findings of the NHS staff survey indicate that a little over  80 per cent of NHS staff are satisfied that they are providing the best care to patients. 

The annual survey of more than 560,000 NHS workers found that 13 per cent of staff reported being bullied, harassed or abused by their own manager in the past 12 months and almost a fifth, 19 per cent, said they had experienced abuse from colleagues.


Black and minority ethnic staff are also 14 per cent more likely to experience violence from members of the public or patients while discrimination on the grounds of ethnic background increased by four percentage points since 2018.

See NHS England NHS publishes latest NHS staff survey results

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National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre

NHS England | February 2020| National NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre

The results of the NHS Staff survey have now been published, this is the seventeenth annual national survey of NHS staff. More than half a million staff completed the  2019 survey, yielding a response rate of 48.5% (compared to a response rate of 45.7% in 2018).


Further details available from NHS England

Additional link:

Press release NHS England 

New guidance to support shift workers in healthcare

NHS Employers | February 2020 | New guidance to support shift workers in healthcare

NHS Employers have produced guidance to support the significant number of staff that deliver around-the-clock care are shift workers.

Poorly designed shift patterns together with irregular sleep patterns and environmental factors can have a detrimental impact on employee health and patient outcomes.

The Health Safety Executive reported that poorly managed shift patterns can increase sickness absence rates, presenteeism, increased at-work errors and patient safety incidents, and associated costs.

The publication contains information on:

  • how shift work can impact on health, safety and wellbeing
  • what actions employers and employees can take
  • the importance of partnership working on shift working patterns. Full details from NHS Employers

NHS RightCare: Epilepsy toolkit

NHS RightCare | February 2020 | Epilepsy toolkit 

NHS RightCare  in partnership with Epilepsy Action, SUDEP Action and Young Epilepsy, this Epilepsy Toolkit will support systems to understand the priorities in epilepsy care and key actions to take. It provides opportunity to assess and benchmark current systems to find opportunities for improvement. It is produced with reference to an expert group of stakeholders and is supported by NICE.

RightCare epilepsy toolkit

Full details from NHS RightCare