Clinicians told to embrace digital technology

NHS England

Doing nothing is no longer an option when it comes to clinicians embracing digital technology and information.

That was the clear message from Beverley Bryant to the Sustainable Healthcare Conference staged at the King’s Fund.

Image source: Wikipedia

NHS England’s Director of Digital Technology told delegates: “There are two jobs: to put technology into the hands of patients and to make sure health and care is joined up to itself.

The conference came as a one-year-on progress report was issued by the Sustainable Healthcare Steering Group.

In its update, the Steering Group calls for:

  • A fully funded plan for how NHS digital systems will be made interoperable.
  • The creation of a list of NHS endorsed apps
  • Enabling people to navigate the health and care system so patients always know who their main point of contact is to meet their changing health and care needs.
  • Patients being able to access and co-manage their own health records, and allow records to be accessed by other health or care workers when appropriate.
  • Health professionals have the tools and training to encourage both shared decision-making and supported self-management, particularly for people with long term conditions.

Carry on reading via NHS England

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